Vanessa helped my then 9 month year old daughter with her sleep issues . She used to wake up 3-4 times per night, barely napped, and was always cranky. With Vanessa’s guidance and coaching, my daughter slept a full night from Day 1 of the customized plan she gave us. I thought it was a miracle! Vanessa provided constant encouragement and tips on how to improve and perfect our strategy. She answered all of my questions and really took the time to explain the various methods to me and answer all of my questions. I felt totally comfortable working with her and following her guidelines. She is fantastic to work with! I would definitely recommend her services!! (Bottom line you were awesome and I mean every word of it!!)  

Felicia M.

  I would like to recommend SnugaBug Sleep (Vanessa Iannucci). Being a first time mom and not knowing what to expect, I was blessed to have Vanessa step in. My baby girl was 3 weeks old when Vanessa consulted with me and made us a 2 week Newborn Sleep Plan. Vanessa was there to help not only my baby but both myself and my husband cope and understand what was happening. Vanessa is professional and very knowledgeable. She always followed up with me at least 3 times a day throughout my plan and beyond that. She made sure « mommy » was doing well and gave me tips and tricks to try when things weren’t going the way I expected. I am so thankful that Vanessa was there during that time. She listened to our needs and made sure to follow up with us to see how things were going. She made it so easy for us as parents and my daughter has been amazing throughout this whole time. I learned a lot from Vanessa. She is a very caring person and truly understands the challenges a parent can face with their child. To this day she still reaches out to see how we are all doing. It is reassuring knowing that she truly cares and values her clients and their wellbeing. Vanessa, thank you for your continuous support. Keep up your amazing work. Sonia, Steve and Isabella  

Sonia Cappiello

  Tania provided me with essential information about sleep cycles, bedtime routines and personal anecdotes that really helped me with both my kids.
She provided me with effective and easy-to-follow tools that ended up being the perfect solution to help get my son excited and encouraged to sleep in his own bed. Tania’s guidance on getting my daughter to sleep I her own room was huge and ended up being a big success.
What I most valued about Tania was how caring and supportive she was as a consultant and fellow mom.