Workshops And Seminars


Sleep is a biological necessity for your child’s development and growth. Come and chat with Vanessa Iannucci or Tania Iannucci, certified maternity, infant and child sleep consultants from (Snuga Bug Sleep), who will talk about the fundamental sleep foundations for your child. Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, Vanessa and Tania will make sure you are equipped with the indispensable tools for a well-rested family.

The seminar consists of a one hour discussion followed by a Q&A period.

Playgroups / Mom forums

Do you vent and share stories on how you’re exhausted and overwhelmed in a mommy group or play group? Or maybe you’re a mom-to-be trading your concerns or looking for advice while talking amongst other moms. Invite Vanessa and Tania from Snuga Bug Sleep to your next get together and we’ll give you key tips and guidelines to establish healthy sleep foundations and answer your sleep questions in a relaxed and fun environment.

Business / Corporate

If you have a business related to babies or children, invite Vanessa or Tania from Snuga Bug Sleep to come in to your store for any promotional events.

Snuga Bug Sleep is available at your place of work to address the value of sleep or to provide support to any of your employees who are struggling with sleep or to get their children to sleep. A tired employee is less productive and it can lead to bad decision making. Investing in your employees’ well-being is value working at its best!

Contact Vanessa or Tania for more information on your corporate sleep package.

Daycare Workshops

Tania and Vanessa believe that daycare educators have such an important role in a child’s sleep. Together with the parents, it’s important to be on the same page and collaboratively work together to optimize sleep for the children. Vanessa and Tania give daycare educator workshops where they’ll come in for an hour and speak about sleep in the daycare setting, how we can work together with parents and troubleshooting any issues that they may be encountering.

Contact Vanessa and Tania today to set up a workshop at your daycare!